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iAdventure Norway is a small travel agency that tailors adventurous experiences. We are specialized in activity vacations - and this is what we want you to experience with us.


Activities we offer are everything from randonee, boat trips, adventures, skiing, mountain walks and other adrenaline-filled activities.


There is plenty of options here in Norway and we will find something for you. You can spend the night in a cozy and rustic rorbu, a small cottage up in the mountains, a small fishing cabin near the ocean or a tree top cabin.

Experience with us

The Norwegians live with nature - and we at iAdventure Norway will show you how!

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Come visit us in Norway – a country full of adventures, breathtaking nature and a rich culture. Whatever the weather or the time of year, the visitor to Norway cannot escape a sense of the extraordinary. Every region has something unique to offer and show you.

More About Us

Northern Norway. Northern lights, midnight sun, majestic mountains and Sami culture.  

Northern Norway have everything you didn’t know you wanted to see and explore. In northern Norway you also find the North Cape – maintained Europe’s most northerly point

Western Norway. When people think of Norway, they think of the fjords.

Activities and adventures all year round, including skiing in the summer as well. Western Norway include well-known places like Trollstigen and the Troll Wall, the Geiranger fjord, Hardanger fjord and beautiful cities like Bergen, Molde, Stavanger and Ålesund.

Eastern Norway. This is the most populous region, including the capital of Norway, Oslo and six additional counties.  

In this part of the country the landscapes vary widely, from rural valleys to the highest mountains in northern Europe – in Jotunheimen National Park. You can also experience deep inland forest, wolves, bear and eik. Eastern Norway is the perfect place for hiking, skiing, extreme sports and relaxing.  In this region you can also visit Lillehammer – the winter Olympic city from 1994.

Southern Norway. In southern Norway you have more sunny days per year than anywhere else in Norway.

Southern Norway is a veritable holiday paradise. If you want to swim, sail, scuba dive, fish for crab or just sunbathe to the screams of the seagulls – this is the place for you. Others wander inland for a spot of mountain climbing or river rafting.

Want to know more about how you can plan your next stay? We'll gladly be your travel contact in Norway.  

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«If happiness is the goal, and it should be, then adventure should be a top priority» – Richard Branson