Changing the way you explore.

Come visit us in Norway – a country full of adventures, breathtaking nature, rich culture and a welcoming people.

We combine the benefits of the best adventures with passion made possible by our contacts to deliver you the best experience possible. With a passion for travel, adventure and nature I one day visited my good friend Michael in Lofoten in Northern Norway. Under the northern lights I realized what a beautiful country we live in. Norwegians live together with the nature  – let us show you how!  

Meet the awesome team behind iAdventure Norway. We’re offering chilly but impressive views over the Arctic Ocean. Norway boasts magnificent cathedrals, historic cities and unending ways to stay active outdoors. If you are eager to start planning your next Norwegian adventure we are here to help you.

Nina Lessner
Nina Lessner


«If happiness is the goal, and it should be, then adventure should be a top priority» – Richard Branson